Volunteers are the lifeblood of Kitten Division and without your help we could not help the cats in our community. Volunteers will be paid back with kitty kudos, purrs and head butts. Can you devote a few hours a week to help us help them?

Shelter Care: Volunteers perform a variety of tasks to help ensure that the adoption center is tidy and the cats are comfortable. Tasks include inspecting cages for any needed cleaning; changing bedding and litter as needed and feeding the cats; running a load or two of laundry and washing food dishes.

Foster Homes: Do you have room in your home to foster abandoned kittens, puppies and/or expectant moms? Kitten Division is always in need of volunteers who are willing to open up their homes to cats and dogs in need until they are ready to come in to the adoption center. Each year, especially during kitten season in the spring and summer, we rescue many underage kittens, puppies and pregnant cats and dogs and place them in available foster homes until ready for adoption. The time commitment could be just a few weeks for weaned kittens to several months if you are fostering a momma cat or dog and her litter.

Special Event Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to help with fundraising and adoption events. Tasks may include planning, securing sponsors, promotions, volunteering at the event, etc.

Adoption Counselor: During our adoption hours, Adoption Counselors are available to greet visitors, accept adoption applications, discuss cat care, aid in the selection of the appropriate pet and complete the adoption process. Adoption Counselors may also do laundry, keep cages and common areas clean, and answer phone calls.

Trap-Neuter-Release Assistant: As a volunteer, you may respond to requests for trapping feral or free-roaming cats or assist a more experienced TNR volunteer doing the same. Duties may include counseling the public, trap pickup & delivery, assessing trap sites, setting traps and arranging for monitoring, retrieving trapped cats, and cleaning traps.

Thrift Shop Sales – (must be able to commit to at least one day per week) – Will be responsible for sales, accepting donations, pricing items, organizing and general cleaning of the shop.

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NOTE: If you need your volunteer hours to count toward community service (court ordered, school, organization, etc.) we must know this ahead of time. You must bring your paperwork with you each time you volunteer and all community service hours must be signed off on at the time of volunteering. We will NOT backdate volunteer hours.