Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program

Kitten Division Adoption Center offers a program to match senior citizens with senior cats. “Seniors for Seniors” allows anyone, age 60 and older, to adopt a cat, five years or older for half-price adoption fee!

Remember the faithful pet that kept you company as a youngster? When you adopt a senior cat from Kitten Division, you get to experience these joys again while making new memories with your furry companion.

Experiencing a friendly greeting or the warm cuddle of a cat sitting on your lap is what our program is all about.

Pets are an important form of social contact for everyone. The nice thing about pets is that they may grow older, but they will never grow up and move away. They will always be your friends and companions.

For older animals, living with a senior citizen who will dote on them and spend a considerable amount of time allowing them to sit on their lap or lay at their feet, is the ideal new home. Being adopted by someone who understands their calm nature and need for companionship is the perfect match for our senior cats.

Companion animals can help improve our physical and mental health. By adopting a new “best friend,” you can experience the benefits of decreased heart rate and blood pressure that so many people feel when they are relaxing with their pet.

The senior population, particularly vulnerable to loneliness and stress-related diseases, can reap enormous benefits from pet companionship.

Every cat that is adopted from Kitten Division is spayed or neutered, vaccinated, FeLV tested and microchipped.

If you become unable to take care of your new pet for any reason, you or a family member may return the animal to us at any time.